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Pet Air Travel Summer 2020 Update

As the summer officially approaches more people are considering pet air travel with private charter as an alternative to the airlines because of obvious health concerns, reductions in available flights, and with the difficulty of flying certain breeds of pets. More individuals and families need to relocate to new homes around the world and the task of flying their pets can often be stressful when trying to find solutions.

Pet Jets utilizes industry software to find approved charter aircraft that offers you the best pricing for your itinerary. While the cost of private air charter can be expensive, our clients often find the cost to be justified when they arrive to their destination with their pets safe and without stress. Recent trends find many of our clients requiring larger private aircraft for long flights such as New York to London that typically seat 9-14 passengers, however, our clients may only require half the seats which is why our founder created Pet Jets Travel Club.

The goal of the club is for members to network with the purpose of sharing a flight with another party and to save up to 50% by sharing the cost between two parties. Pet Jets markets the member requests on social media and our website. When members network and agree on sharing a flight, Pet Jets will research the best pricing and aircraft options and arranges the flight with approved air carriers representing our members with safety as our priority.

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While there are still many Covid-19 travel restrictions for humans at this time, the same restrictions can occur for pet air travel depending on destinations worldwide. For your pets it is best to check with your veterinarian before travel for needed vaccinations and a general health check to fly. Charter aircraft often leave from their own private terminals, compared to risk exposure in an overcrowded commercial airport lounge. Our clients pass thorough security more quickly and have no lengthy waits in line, either to check-in or to board. These conveniences of private charter are prime benefits for health reasons and means less stress on your pets!

Fly smarter, fly pet friendly charters!
Pet Jets Travel Club

Pet Jets Travel Club – Share a Pet Friendly Air Charter!

Pet Jets Travel Club

Pet Jets Travel Club

In response to the latest news that a major international airline is no longer taking reservations to fly pets in cargo, Pet Jets has received a significant increase in inquires for pet friendly air charters. While the cost of air charter can significantly be higher than the cost of airline flights, air charter offers a great solution for relocation or vacation flights. Many inquiries find that pet owners require a large jet for their flight that can be cost prohibitive . For example,  from the west coast of the U.S. to Hawaii, a large private jet is required for the flight, but many of our inquiries only have a small party of two or three passengers with one pet leaving ample space on the aircraft for another similar party to share the flight and cost. Pet Jets Travel Club was created to offer an opportunity to lower the cost by half by providing an opportunity to network with other pet owners to simply share a flight. To meet this need, Pet Jets has a member only section of their website for Pet Jets Travel Club members as well as a private facebook group page for members to post their flight requests and network. Once you find another party to share a flight, Pet Jets assist with finding the best aircraft at the best price to assist with arranging your pet friendly air charter. Pet Jets Travel Club provides the opportunity to reduce the cost of private air charter at a time when pet owners who don’t want their pets to fly in cargo or can’t find air transportation solutions for relocation or travel. Visit PetJets.com for more information!

empty leg air charter

How to Benefit from Empty Leg Air Charter

Empty Leg Air Charter to save Money!

If you have some flexibility in your search for private aviation travel, then empty leg air charter can be an efficient and very cost effective way of enjoying a private aircraft.

There are many benefits with empty leg air charter from saving time at the airport to being able to take your pets with you on most flights, flying privately is an optimum choice both for relaxation and for productivity on business trips. However, flying privately does come at a cost. Typical charter prices range from approximately $1,100 per flight hour on the low end for a turboprop to $7,800 per flight hour for a heavy jet.

Before resigning yourself to the extra time and extra hassle of public flying, though, there is one option to consider that can save you a substantial amount of money – taking an empty leg charter. Empty leg charter space becomes available when an existing customer charters a flight one-way. That plane still has to return to its home airport, and that means costs for the carrier; everything from housing the flight crew to the fuel and other costs to fly the aircraft home.

Booking your flight on one of these empty legs means that you are actually helping reduce the carrier’s costs – a favor the carrier returns by charging up to 70% less than you would pay by booking a regular charter flight.

Flexibility is Key

This way you can enjoy the advantages of private flying without having to pay the usual price for those benefits. It’s important to note, though, that you also give up some of the convenience and relative predictability that comes with chartering your own flight.

  • When scheduling an empty leg charter, you can’t be as choosy about the type of aircraft or your departure and arrival dates and times as you can when contracting a straight charter. Instead, you will be scheduling your flight in much the same way as you would flying publicly – the plane is on a schedule, and you’ll need to adopt to that schedule. While some carriers may be willing to work with you to create a schedule that suits both parties, this may not always be possible.
  • With empty leg charters you’re also at the mercy of the original flight. If that flight has to be delayed or canceled for any reason you may well need to make alternative arrangements.
  • An empty leg charter may be flying out of a secondary or neighboring airport compared to the one you would normally use. So being flexible on the airport at either end of the flight will help you find more of these deals.

How to Find Empty Legs

Pet Jets offers through their travel club a real time data base for its members to view available empty legs as well as set up an alert for future empty legs. Non-members can also email Pet Jets at info@petjets.com for empty leg air charter requests.

In summary, it’s true that flying via empty leg charter means needing to be a bit more flexible and creative than is necessary when chartering your own flight or taking advantages of the other options for private air travel. However, if you enjoy saving money and like the thought of leaving a smaller carbon footprint – after all, why burn the extra fuel to charter your own flight when another one is already available? – empty leg charters may well be perfect for your needs. For more information, visit us at PetJets.com!

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