Scam Alert!

Pet Jets Important Message to our Clients and Consumers

It has come to our attention that consumers are being scammed from a business utilizing our Pet Jets name and logo illegally for the purpose of selling puppies and then promising to deliver them by air to their requested destination airport. The scam appears to involve texts that are not phone numbers from our company or affiliates, as well as google emails. We continue with authorities to search for the sources of the scam and are warning consumers not to pay in advance for the puppies and transportation via Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, etc. If you do, you risk the money you send and will not receive your puppy as promised. Consumers are losing thousands of dollars in many cases. While this appears to be a fresh scam, it has happened in the past, and we wanted to alert our clients and consumers we are working on finding the source. Please do not reply to any emails that do not end with or texts as we do not typically communicate with our clients via txt for security reasons. If you have any information you can share, please email us at It’s unfortunate that someone would take advantage of pet lovers and we will not tolerate someone injuring our business or brand, and more importantly, the pet owners and pets we serve.

—Brian Fiske, Founder & CEO

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