What does Pet Jets offer for services?

Pet Jets arranges pet friendly, safe, and reliable private air transportation as an aviation consultant and broker working on the behalf of our members. Pet Jets is not an airline or an air carrier with scheduled service and does not operate aircraft. Pet Jets has access thousands of approved aircraft that are FAA approved in the U.S. or by the government civil aviation authority in the country they operate in. Pet Jets provides quotes and aviation consulting services providing due diligence in the area of air carrier safety audits, aircraft and crew requirements, insurance, contracts, and educating our members on their best air charter In addition members can participate in our Pet Jets Travel Club for those interested in sharing flights with other members by joining for a small annual fee.

Does Pet Jets provide shipping of pets?

Pet Jets does not ship pets, however it is possible to arrange a private air charter for pets that are not accompanied by their owner. In this event, a pet attendant would need to accompany the pet(s) that would require additional fees. Ask us for details!

What are advantages to aircraft charter with your pets?

People and organizations charter aircraft because they are simply time machines with access to thousands of more airports than the airlines serve worldwide. The avoidance of long security lines and traffic with major airports allows for less stress for both people and their pets. Passengers and pets are pre-cleared for security and in many cases can drive up to their chartered aircraft and board immediately after meeting their personal flight crew. While in flight your pet enjoys the comfort and safety of cabin with you and upon arrival ground transportation and customs can be arranged for you to quickly be on your way to your new home or destination!

Are there any requirements for my pet to fly privately?

We recommend that all pets if they have not flown before be cleared by their vet before they fly. Veterinarians can also assist with required documentation and pet vaccinations that might be needed for international flights. Pets should also be secured in an approved pet carrier for flight even while in the cabin for takeoff and landings as well as turbulence that can occur during flight.

How much does it cost to charter a pet friend aircraft?

Compared to scheduled commercial flight, air charter can be expensive, but for those that have chartered with their pets, especially for re-locations it provides a solution that saves time, but most importantly allows everyone to fly together in the cabin safely. For those who have not chartered aircraft before, we provide estimates for your requested trip. If your estimate is within your budget we then will provide formal quotes that include the suggested type of aircraft, flight time, hourly rate, landing fees, international handling fees, taxes, as well as additional fees that might be required by the air carrier such as flight crew overnights and aircraft cleaning.

What are some examples of pricing on common routes flown by Pet Jets clients?

East Coast United States – Private Jet Relocation
Citation V (Light Jet) From New York, NY to Miami, FL 3 adults and 2 dogs and 1 cat – $15,000 USD

Coast-to-Coast – Relocation flight with Pets and Family Hawker 800XP (Mid Size) From Los Angeles, CA to New York, New York, 1 adult and 2 dogs – $48,000 USD

West Coast United States – Hawaii Relocation with Pets In Private Jet
Cessna Citation X ( Super Mid Size) From San Jose, CA to Kona, Hawaii, 2 adults and 2 dogs – $50,000 USD

Challenger 604 (Heavy Jet) From Van Nuys, CA to Honolulu, Hawaii
2 adults and parrots – $60,000 USD

East Coast To Europe Pet Relocation On A Private Jet
Gulfstream IV (Heavy Jet) From Miami, FL to Amsterdam, Netherlands,
2 adults, 4 kids and 2 dogs – $90,000 USD

Citation X (Super Mid Size Jet) From New York, New York to London, U.K. – 2 adults, 2 children, 1 dog and 1 cat – $80,000 USD

Pets On A Private Jet Europe Relocation
Citation CJ2 (Light Jet) From Marseille, France to Naples, Italy, 2 adults and 2 dog – $15,000 USD

What is Pet Jets Travel Club?

Pet Jets Travel Club was created to assist our members who might be interested in sharing an air charter flight. The benefit is for members to find one other party to share the flight and thus save approximately 50% on your charter allowing flights to be more affordable. New members have access to this program for a small annual membership fee and we post as many flight requests you may have in order to network with other pet owners via social media, email, and our website. Once another party is found and members agree on a departure point and date, Pet Jets then seeks the best priced charter options available. If interested in joining, please click this link.